4 Productivity Mindset

Are you ready to have:

Peace of mind, knowing that you are keeping up and won’t let a critical item fall through the cracks.

An extra hour of time with your family (or personal time)

Thousands more in income each month or more recognition as a respected contributor to your organization?

#4 Control over your life again, rather than being stressed out and consumed by neverending tasks?

If you answered “YES” to anyone of these questions, you want to discover the tools inside the Productivity Payday program.

The video trainings you’ll receive are 90 minute, straight-to-the-point, 100% content-packed with strategy after strategy programs in which you simply watch the lessons, apply the strategies to yourself and your situation, and start to make your life look how You want it to!

So what are the 4 modules this course covers?

Module 1: Interruptions:  Eliminate 85% of Interruptions and Distractions, So you Can Have An Extra Hour of Personal Time after A Productive Day at Work

In this module you’ll discover…

  • The 15 most common types of interruptions and the specific strategy you can use to deal with each kind (including your boss, a favored client, or your spouse and kids).
  • The easy way to handle “urgent” requests for your time… when you’re in the middle of another task
  • How to say “no” to others and keep great relationships
  • How to create undistracted times to get your most important work done
  • Discover my never-fail, 100% effective technique that transforms your angry, frustrated mood into a peaceful, centered mood in 27 seconds or less (alone worth the entire investment in the program).
  • How to get that ‘chatterbox’ out of your office so you can get back to the work YOU need to do.

I now get home from work an hour earlier every day and I just inked my biggest deal ever – in the midst of a serious financial crisis…”

“I no longer tolerate people who want to intrude on my time – I know how to deal with them.

I flat out no longer focus on things that are a waste of time and I don’t fret over what I can’t control.

I now get home from work an hour earlier than everyday last month, AND I just inked my biggest deal ever – in the midst of a serious financial crisis

Paul David, Banker

“I saved at least an hour a day by not dropping what I was doing to get involved in others’ stuff”

“I saved at least an hour a day by not dropping what I was doing to get involved in others’ stuff and then having to reset myself to come back to my own work. Now I’m not taking on problems that I don’t own, and when I do have to get involved with others’ problems, I can do so on my terms.

The most valuable part of this program is that she gives you the understanding of not only WHAT you are doing, but WHY you are doing it. For things you are not conscious of, this program has been very insightful. Its been a ‘Wow’, eye-opening for me. Understanding why you are doing it ‘wrong’ goes a long way towards helping you to do it ‘right’, it has truly helped me to make that systemic change.”

Margaret Holverstott

Module 2: Confidence: Make More Money and Earn More Respect using Less Effort (Rather than Seeking Other People’s Approval)

In this 2nd module you’ll discover…

  • The exact steps you need to take to have other peoples approval (once and for all!) so you will never ever have to worry about it again
  • Get past your perfectionism to start taking action
  • Fit your exercise regime into your schedule, at least 3 times each week – and never again feel guilty again when you take time off for yourself
  • Own the room when you walk in so you earn colleagues’ respect and prospects want to work with you

After seeing myself in the pattern you described, I stopped putting everyone else’s interests ahead of mine and letting them steal my time. I said “No More” to people pleasing and selling myself short and not asking for retainers. Already I’ve freed up several hours a week in time, my retainers have increased 5 fold, and I made more money in the last 7 days than in the last 5 months. Even if I didn’t have the confidence at the beginning, the confidence is coming to me now. Whatever you said, it is working, I’ve never taken action like this in my life!!

JD Coons, Lawyer
Ottowa Canada

“I produced so much in those three months, my boss said ‘I’m impressed!’…”

“I produced so much in those three months, my boss said “I’m impressed”!

Now I am ready for more, and he’s ready to move me into the next position.”

Marisa Shapiro, Executive Assistant, Fortune 500 Company

Module 3: End Procrastination and Sustain Motivation

In this 3rd module you’ll discover…

  • The “real reason” you procrastinate which I discovered from my research at Harvard Medical School – and why your own self discipline is powerless against it (Many people who discover this “aha” moment immediately stop procrastinating and end it for good)
  • Which of the 7 types of procrastinators are you? (so you can find a solution that is guaranteed to match and fix your personal procrastination issue.)
  • 29 techniques that GIVE YOU the willpower to get started on projects whenever you need to so you can get started on tasks even when you “don’t feel like it”. These techniques cover every conceivable block to procrastination and give you practical solutions that are easy to remember in the moment.
  • How to overcome the #1 obstacle that makes you put off leaving your job, leaving a bad relationship, or going for your dream - (hint: it doesn’t have to do with “fear of failure” like you might think)
  • How to re-motivate yourself quickly and easily when you stop caring about a project

“…since learning your strategies I have been working feverishly and have been more productive than ever in my professional life…”

I always had somewhat of an “I can’t” attitude, Since learning your strategies I have been working feverishly and I have been really focused. For the first time in years I have contributed efforts that will benefit the knowledge base for everyone in the department. My boss keeps thanking me. I’ve been to the gym more times in the last 2 weeks than I’ve ever been. I’ve spent more time with my kids since then than in years. I feel solid to the core. Its been life changing, really.”

Beverly S., Capital One

“the increase in what I’ve been getting done in my week is INCREDIBLE”

“I didn’t realize how much of my energy was wasting time getting involved in other people’s situations, trying to make them approve of me, and maybe getting angry at them when really it wasn’t my problem to deal with them. Now I’m focusing what I need to do. I feel now that I am in better control of myself, and the increase in what I’ve been getting done in my week is INCREDIBLE. I stopped chatting with people, stopped surfing on the computer, stopped procrastinating, stopped questioning “can I do it?” – instead I went right to the job. The best thing is that I got the outcome that I wanted this weekend, a new client!
Jewel Buff, Prudential Douglas Elliman

Module 4: Control Too Much to Do and Not Enough Time: How to Produce Results Amidst Multiple Competing Priorities and Make Sure Nothing Critical Falls Through the Cracks
In this 4th and last module you’ll discover…

  • An easy to follow formula for determining your priorities and exactly “what” you need to do to make the most effective use of your time
  • How to keep momentum on important projects and not get bogged down in the day to day or get your sense of accomplishment from crossing off small items on your to do list.
  • How to get control of your email inbox instead of it controlling you
  • How to keep up when tasks are coming at you all day long and free yourself of stress and being overwhelmed

“I’ve been busier than ever at work and focusing only on the important things. My business is already up 80% for the year. Things that would derail me for days and sometimes weeks now roll off my back in under an hour. Most importantly, I now have an indescribable faith in myself.”

Craig L. Meadows, CLU, CLTC, ChFC Managing Director Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Plus… You’ll Also Receive $791 In Bonuses When You Order Today!

Bonus #1: How to Have a Clear, Focused Mind in a Chaotic Work Environment ($97 value)

Imagine how different your day will be when you have the power to make 90% of your thoughts productive and furthering your life dreams. Let me show you my proprietary techniques for how to stand out from your co-workers, impress your boss, and be top of mind from your clients – by getting rid of those thoughts that distract you and having clear, focused mind anytime anywhere.   This technique alone has been responsible for the hundreds of emails I’ve gotten from audience members who have taken action on dreams they sat with but never did anything about.

Bonus #2: 30-Day Procrastination Challenge – 30 Days Of  Emails To Remind You To Implement the Skills! (Value = $97)

This 30 day followup series of emails has one purpose – to guide you through the first 30 days and help you actually implement the strategies and techniques I’ll reveal inside the course.

Let me be your personal success coach and take you by the hand… showing you how to implement everything you learn so you can experience what it’s like to get more work done than you ever thought possible!

Bonus #3: Audio Recordings of All the Techniques (Value = $97)

In order to make this program as effective as possible for you, you will receive an easily downloadable audio recording of each of the modules so you can learn the techniques while on your way to work, at the gym – or any other time that is convenient for you.

Fast Action Bonus #4: Live Q&A Call With Dr. Sharon Melnick (Value = $500)

For the first 50 people who order the program, you will have a special group call with me personally where I give you personal advice on how to work out the challenges you face and speed up your ability to de-stress your life and turn the dreams you’ve been putting off into a reality.

That’s the Productivity Mindset program. When I teach these skills to groups,  normally participants pay $150 for each one of the 90-minute modules.  So that’s $600 for the main program modules and $791 worth of bonus programs

If You Add That All Up… That’s A Total Value Of $1,391

The early testers of this progam said “after knowing the value of the information in the program” they would “easily have paid over $1000 for the program at the full value.”

As a loyal subscriber to my list, I am keeping the investment very low for now – because I want 100 of you to apply what you learn in the program and provide me with success stories that I can share when I relaunch the program in a few weeks for $500.

So I am making the Productivity Mindset program available today for just $247 OR 3 payments of $99.

And, I’m letting you take a full 365 days to try it out. If at the end of a full year of you implementing these techniques you feel it wasn’t worth your investment… simply let me know and you’ll receive a no hassle 100% refund.

Here is my sincere warning and promise to you: Are you stressed by too much to do and you can’t keep up with it? Are you making it worse by procrastinating, being a perfectionist, or letting people interrupt you all day? Because if this is true for you, your situation is not going to get better unless YOU do something about it.

If you are hoping that things will ease up, or that magically you’ll get yourself to stop putting off – its not going to happen. You will only get further and further behind, putting your position in jeopardy or keeping thousands of dollars of revenue out of your pockets each month.

The only way to get peace of mind that you are keeping up, and the only way to use your time to make more money, is to know how to get yourself to produce results even when the demands on you are crazy.

As one of the other users of Productivity Mindset program said: “This program gives you a set of tools to handle any challenge in your business or life. You become the person you need to become, it sounds corny but it really helps you make your dreams come true. You get focused and get way more work done. Its practical, not pie in the sky rah rah B.S. The techniques are real, Sharon is for real. The happiness , peace of mind, and no stress life I’m now having now, there is no price I can put on that.”

“My retainers have increased 5 fold, and I made more money in the last 7 days than in the last 5 months…”“I’ve been busier than ever at work and focusing only on the important things. My business is already up 80% for the year.”

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  1. Erin O'Neill
    August 21, 2010 | 10:24 pm

    I am so excited to start learning the techniques in your videos. I will not procrastinate on this: I am going to ask my work to assist me in purchasing this video so I can be as valuable as possible to our busy office. I have recently become the office manager and the distractions are causing me to spend my weekends at the office! Why am I at the office, I need the break more than anyone due to the constant stress. I will let you know how it goes – I can’t wait to get started.
    Thank you,

  2. Jigeesha
    August 26, 2010 | 9:46 pm

    amazing.. never thought on this before, am hopeful to get the best results applying productivity mindset to my work! thanks a lot!

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